Sales policy

QCA’s Sales Policy

Since 1969 our main goal is manufacturing high-quality IVD reagents which are commercialized worldwide through local Distributors.


Our distribution agreements are preferably in exclusive terms. We do believe in long term collaborations to build up a high Quality Service and a renowned name for our products and that can only be achieved through a systematic work by an exclusive distributor.

In such way our brand QCA is present in more than 60 countries, of which 38 distributed exclusively. New markets are included in our portfolio every year.

Requirements to become a QCA Distributor

Very few is needed

  • The country or market to appoint the distribution shouldn’t be covered by another distributor. Please, click on our website area “QCA in the World” to know the countries where QCA is already distributed. Do not hesitate to consult us.
  • QCA offer several product lines addressed to different kind of customers (Clinical Chemistry laboratories, Histopathology laboratories or Microbiology Laboratories). Distribution can be appointed for all or just a part of the mentioned product lines; that depends on the specialty of the Company.

What do we offer ?

High Quality Products

We are a Quality oriented Company that offer a comprehensive catalogue of more than 300 references. From the selection of fine raw materials throughout our manufacturing & control procedures we fulfil the requirements of the ISO 13485 for IVD manufacturers, the ISO 9001 for Quality management systems and the Directive 98/79 for CE marking.

Prompt Service

Quality also means Service in logistics. We do inform of the process of your orders and prepare all the documentation required for the shipment to let you focus on what is important for you : Your Customers

Technical Support

We are specialized in what we manufacture. We have in our team specialists in Biochemistry, Autoanalyzers, Immunology, Coagulation, Microbiology, Histology ... We give full support to our Distributors in all their technical needs.


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